Posted on Monday, February 16, 2009 by Sandip

once upon the time or one day i'm gonna to one my city area just in evening time n i love to that time ...back i knew it why i liked to it when it raining time it was around 5:00 pm on sunday .i was on a shopping schedule with one of my frens on one of the city when i had already bidden a goodbye suddenly she come to in my life day sight .i was protecting myself from rain under one of the shops corridor but she must be have noticed me.she come straight to me wet .a little bit of my body and most to weted to her silky hair wet on the air the smallest drop-drop of water .all over her face ,her admited she had a preety face but i couldn't stop on myself from saying this to her and that time i will see her situation i'm beating n what i do?from my side thinked u r looking as a great and wonderful-she felt a bit shy her t-shirt was almost all of the wet and she was shevering so to shut the her mouth of the society ,i grabbed my jacket out of from my body chest38''..let's her weted body wear without any hesitation she wore it nnnnnn woh oh oh thanks god!"DHANYABAD"she said to me and i kept my self her some thought ,smiles nervouses again my eyes got a fixed on her and she realized this.she did her hair which is the open i said leave it as it is now "but she didn't listen or pretended i don't know anyway ....i still don't know clock was ticking -';the day was coming to an end.it was a need to leave from there for gonna to home but we were looking for the right moment she said to me ..she loves to much be a part of raining and feelings to be her inner friends i didn't know what to do reply or what i speak i thought what is for me...it's her toward whom the society it was gently raining and it was niether too dark nor any district sources of light .it was dusk and the pole lamps were already glowing it was her idea to run away from herebut no she changed her mind we moved out her home was on the wayto mine .she gradualy got closed aswe left . she was behaving normally but i obviousely it was a bit confused people were in the shop and that time evening 6:00pm water is flowing on the surface and throwing the road not to see anything so...suddenly a truck is coming from far it's hit to her with water she was in her own world is busy of thinking what she to say to me next and she said to truck drive oh stupid "sale" then after she wanna to cross the road headway she said to me sorry la .. why? i ask but her eyes goes down and she take a normally breathing......

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