Dirt of politics

Posted on Monday, April 13, 2009 by Sandip

"NEPALI POLITICS DIRT" Today i wanna to write something about my peacely country and there in politics...to all the corrupt nepalese politician to all you basher and to all these media who is alwayays supported .these corrupt politician have you ever stop to notice why we didn't developed for the post 20 years let me give u some solid reasons why didn't developed for 2 decades so u can fuu..right of trying to support these corrupt leaders ...r u ready to.......REASON-1 ....30%of the foreign donation always goes inside the pocket of these crook ministers and their contracters. REASON-2....most of the precious water resources have already been sold to india in a treaty manner. REASON-3...most of the croop ministers in nepal does not know how to speak english with properly in front of western media like as a bbc,cnn so they always refrain from giving interview and the world doesnot know the ground reality and opinion. REASON-4....80%minister's son and daughters are studying in various europian university and if u search they can hardly afford nepalese people. REASON-5.....many of them who hardly stays in a but like home before has a huge 6 story building in capital dirty politics played a roles in nepalese society since the time of g i r i j a and m a d h a v the chair lovers are there any decent and honest politician left in nepal?the answer to this question is"may be yes..... let's try maoist this time at all least nepalese will love the pleasure like baburam and puspa kamal. hey congress and uml supportian media .remember babu and puspa spent 14 years of their precious life in jungle for nepal and nepalese people without any personal intrested and they are the most educated leaders. we ever had this election .... proved everything the will of nepalese people and their popularity so DEAL WITH THAT so stop supporting these corrupt leaders and plz stop writing good things about {abt}them as they have n't done any thing for the people. sandip in my opinion sorry for our native politics .


Dilip Acharya says:

कुरा गर्‍यो, कुरैको दु:ख भनेझै के गर्ने?
यी भातमाराहरु कहिल्यै सुध्रेनन्।

अनी हामि पनि उस्तै हो , यी भातमाराहरुलाई सधैं भोट हाल्ने ।