Posted on Monday, August 17, 2009 by Sandip

A frens love at all times and a brother is born in adversity . you can always tell a real frens when you have made a fool of your self he doesn't feel you've been done permanent any employe.

A lot of people go through life only a few frens .it seems that some love less than that they love no one on when to bounce ideas arounded or talk about deep and troubling subjects. They have no one to call in times of need or difficulty .they are at the mercy of life standing alone.

Others seems to have a multitude of frens.wherever they go people known them and like to be around them.Should trouble strike their biggest heritation might be over which fren to call they know exactly the whatever they do like a passion.The person with when to discuss the topics of inquiry and is full of entertaining and invigrating relationship because it is full of frens.

There ought to be a course in school on friendship .ofcourse some people are perfectly happy to operate with fever frens they might rather have a few deep and loyal frens than many perfacial ones.others thrive best when frens are everywhere and numerious .It is not so much the numberof frens that is not to so much important as is the procession of frens period.

Friendship is blessing and a fren is the channel through when great emotional apritual and sometimes even physical blessing flow.frens clever us when we were sorrowful or depressed frens can challenges us when we allow ourselves to get beyond our reasonable boundries .Frens can motivate us when we were ready to give in and they can provide for us when all is well and memorable moments .we often just went then arround to love good time to laugh to act silly to enjoy some mutually liked activity in how many ways have frens enkiched our lives and made us feel loved accepted respected and cared for probably too many to list and the list grows daily .

It's safe to say that when god created the world and all the majestic things in it when he streaked the heavens with radiant color and the earth with grand mountain and we inspiring canyons when he painted the plains with warning grasses and erected noble forests of to wering trees he out did it all by creating frens.

May god blessing you with all frens you need and may be turn you in to a blessing by using you as a fren to others. sandip

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