Posted on Monday, May 25, 2009 by Sandip

"my first letter for out of country" Dear sir ,hi first of all i want to ask with u .how r u? i hope u r and your members are fine so all i wanna to write a one of the letter or application anything whatever u understand . sir i want to goes in your country for my bright future n my life. i thought about my life but i have a nothing to experience about out of country.unknowledgeable on me so i like your country mostly there is very nice of envirionment for the further study . sir i don't know how to we can go in there so i wanna to learn about that how much is it cost for visa how can i geted my visa .everything i want to i would ask with u . now i will write an about my activities and knowledge. iam sandip iam a student in bacholer 1st year now i will cleared to 12 class in management administrated. so iam study in nepal so iam from in nepalese city pokhara . i want to goes in your country and do the study any college in your selected mode.i have in my all of the documentry family stay in my country so i wanna to laern about your country sir it is neccessary for me i will do request on u i hope return my mail. i am obedient on u always remain in your country and i wanna to successed my process lastly ..........thanks i say good bye have a good day. thank sandip

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