something to say

Posted on Monday, May 11, 2009 by Sandip

when u say nothing at all it's amazing her u can speak right to my heart without saying a word u can light up the dark try as i may i can never explain what i hear when u don't say a thing the smile on your faace let's me know that truth in your eyes saying u will never leave me.the youth of your hand says u'll catch me where ever i fall u say it best when u say nothing at all all day long i can hear people talking out loud but when u hold me near u drown out the crowd try as they may they could never define what's being said between your face and your heart ,smile on your face .lets me know that you need there is truth in your eyes saying you'll never leave me. she is the one i know i stand in the line untill u think you have the time to spend an evening with me and if we go some place to dance .i know that there's chance u want be leaving with me .and afterward we drop in to a quite little place and have a drink or two and then i go and spoil it all by saying something stupid like a I LOVE U i can see it in your eyes that u despise the some old lies .u heard the night before and thought it is just a line to u for me it is true it never seemed so right before .i practise everyday to find some clever lines to say to make the meaning come true but then i think i will wait until the evening gets late and iam alone with u the time is right your perfume fills my head the stars get red and spoil it all by saying something stupid word like as I LOVE U............I LOVE U.......

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