my thought in waiter job

Posted on Monday, June 8, 2009 by Sandip

Today i am gonna to write to something in my page about not to any strange thing but i know this is for me very important in my working period in two years. this is my first examination in my what i wanna to say or write in here.this is two year my first of the job section in my iam working in one of the restuarant so i had no any old experience about that job at "WAITER"i know bout this subject but now i 'll pasted 18 months in out of country . so first time when i entered the in restuarant i am affraid coz i am not a expereience n knowledgable guy about waiter job .so i am not learned in the college i am a commercial management courses student so i didn't know about that.but exactly who is wanna to do something necessary for that's guy learned about that so he\she perfected person in world this is my opinion . Now i am started wrote about waiter "DEFINATION OF WAITER " person who does the standard service of food and beverage to the customers is a waiter or waitress.steward or stewardes. rest an rant this is the restuarant in first of all originated from france and developed in britian.very good place in drinking ,dinning,entertainment where different nationals enter for quality food drinks standard service and hygienic atmosphere. standard restuarant or bar should be always neat and clean smiling and energetic paople arrounded where anyone can satisfy paying cash. standard restuarant should be maintained all modern amanities like; high range ,satelite kitchen -laxurious bar -alternative entrance and car. HOTEL H=hospitality O=organisation T=tactful and truthful E=eager to serve L=loyality comfortable as place for lodging fooding and recreation where a customer feets safe to stay. first of all do care waiter INTRODUCTION start introduce yourself saying your name and than ask other things. IMPORTANT CHARACTERIST IN WAITER pleasing personality, politeness,puntually ,grooming,courtesy,dedication,attentativity,obedience,language ,descipline,guest dealing ,fitness,decipline so like this all of the things be care in waiter life.......

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